More than 20 years working for cancer control in Latin America

In 1993 was founded the Asociación de Ligas Iberoamericanas Contra el Cáncer (ALICC), in Colombia.

ALICC'S birth was denoted by the Liga Colombiana Contra el Cáncer, who managed the proposal during the UICC Congress, held in the German city of Hamburg in 1990. (Sección para newsletter) See more.

During the First Latin American Congress of Leagues Against Cancer, which took place in Colombia, in March 1993, the Asociación de Ligas Iberoamericanas Contra el Cáncer (ALICC) was established, which then changes its name.

Since the consolidation of this network of organizations, it works to unify the programs of 19 countries that recognize the need to form a common front, whose mission is to address the problems of cancer in Spanish-speaking countries, communicating them to the other regions, understanding the reality of a region constantly changing, with heterogeneous countries and unique in the world.

Image renewal

Today, more than twenty years later, ALICC, Asociación Latina e Ibérica Contra el Cáncer, renewed its image and name, to be renamed  Asociación Latina e Ibérica Contra el Cáncer, (ALICC) updating its possibilities, with an ambitious action plan and several projects in progress and to include more countries and organizations. This update is held at the Annual Meeting in Buenos Aires (Argentina), in April 2016.

The renewal of the logo is linked to the innovation of the organization, which is based on its experience and background, but bet on a new global vision, professional and dynamic. This update reflects the modernity of Latin America, the professionalization of ALICC and the adaptation to the changing world. Thus, the new visual image is adapted to the objectives and challenges ALICC is proposed as a leader in Latin America for the coming years.