About us

ALICC is an organization that consists of non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from Latin America and Spain. 


ALICC was founded by Olga Santamaría Fernández, President of the Liga Colombiana Contra el Cáncer, who presented the proposal during the Congress of the UICC held in the German city of Hamburg in 1990.


During the First Latin American Congress of Leagues Against Cancer, which took place in Colombia in March 1993, the Asociación de Ligas Iberoamericanas Contra el Cáncer (ALICC) was established. At the Annual Meeting in 2016 in Buenos Aires, ALICC changed its name to Asociación Latina e Ibérica Contra el Cáncer, retaining the acronym for proper communication.


Since the consolidation of this network of organizations, ALICC works to unify the programs of 19 countries that recognize the need to form a common front, whose mission is to address the problems of cancer in Spanish-speaking countries, communicating them to other regions, taking into account the reality of a region that is constantly changing.

First Latin American Congress of Cancer Leagues . Cartagena Hilton Hotel . March 1993


ALICC aims to fight against cancer in all possible ways, for which it organizes programs and actions related to the prevention of the disease through health education and assistance programs for the rehabilitation of patients and their families. 


ALICC is an international NGO that works in preventing the disease from the following three strategies and their corresponding lines of work and fields of action:


  • Conducting continual education programs, technical assistance and dissemination at all three levels of prevention to ALICC members.

  • Supporting community involvement and volunteer work in projects led by member organizations in the fight against cancer. 

  • Encouraging regional development and local public policies to improve coverage, access and quality of programs to combat cancer

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