Cancer control in Latin America

More than one million people are diagnosed with cancer each year in Latin America and the Caribbean.

 We can answer this question explaining the tireless work done in ALICC, Asociación Latina e Ibérica Contra el Cáncer, to cancer control for over 23 years.

This 2016 we are renewing for a relaunch from the professionalism and high management level, we work for all Latin America to organize and cohesionate the work for cancer control in prevention, detection, advocacy and fundraising.

Our region is unlike any other, because of its particular socio-cultural context and political variability, which means specific needs and different ways of operating, adapted to its own realities. The great advances in which the NGOs succeeded in our nations during the last years, can be successfully replicated and adapted throughout the region, saving resources and management of all countries. This work should be promoted and disseminated as an incentive for others.

For ALICC, Asociación Latina e Ibérica Contra el Cáncer, is important to work together with peer organizations that has the same goals, so it structures alliances with the leading international cancer control agencies in the world.

Empowering from the professionalism for management of resources the prevention and early diagnostic of cancer in Latin America strengthen the ability to reduce deaths caused by this disease in the region.

Lic. Diego Paonessa

President ALICC