The Asociación Latina e Ibérica Contra el Cáncer, (ALICC) is the international organization of Latin America leader in cancer control, working more than 23 years ago as a structured network between countries.

With a high level management between public and private sectors as an NGO, we work in advocacy, prevention and early detection of cancer in nations member. In turn, ALICC is an example and an active member of the global actors working for cancer control. These processes are performed with high standards of quality and transparency validated by different international organizations.  

In seeking to modernize and adapt to the continuous changes in the world, ALICC, Asociación Latina e Ibérica Contra el Cáncer, faces the future entering into a deep process of professionalization, transparency and cohesion of the region countries.

ALICC is focused on organizing the region and create a unanimous discourse in the countries work against cancer, pointing its actions in Latin America as cooperation in public policies, partnerships and campaigns with private sector partners, fundraising, publications and research.